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Heat sink can be also spelled heatsink, which is a passive heat exchanger that can transfer the heat generated by electronic or mechanical equipment to a fluid medium (usually air or liquid coolant), and then dissipate from the equipment to regulate the temperature of the equipment. In computers, heat sinks are used to cool CPUs, GPUs, certain chipsets, and RAM modules. The heat sink is used in high-power semiconductor devices (like power transistors) and optoelectronic devices (like lasers and LEDs), where the heat dissipation capacity of the component itself is insufficient to regulate its temperature. Heat pipe heat sink is composed of a sealing tube, suction core, and steam channel. The suction core is surrounded on the wall of the sealed tube and impregnated with a saturated volatile liquid. The liquid can be distilled water, ammonia, methanol or acetone. The heat pipe heat sink filled with liquid such as ammonia, methanol and acetone still has good heat dissipation ability at low temperature. When the heat pipe heat sink is running, its evaporation section absorbs the heat generated by the heat source ( power semiconductor device, etc.), making the liquid in its wick boil to steam. The heated steam moves from the evaporating section of the heat pipe heat sink to its cooling section, where it condenses into a liquid. The condensed liquid is then returned to the evaporation section through the capillary action of the suction core on the wall, so as to repeat the above cycle process of continuous heat dissipation.

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